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Mountain settlement

Name(s): ???
Type(s): A numbered settlement inside the mountain.
Location: Under the city/inside the mountain that now rises up in Las Vegas.
General: One enters through what used to be an air vent and is now a steep tunnel secured by steps and rope rails. The tunnel opens into an area of the mountain that has been cleared out and cleaned; tunnels and paths that lead into potentially dangerous areas of the mountain are blocked, some sealed, but some openings to the rest of the mountain remain, though signs announce that the safe area ends here.

Inside the area that is declared safe, it looks like one is inside a strange city without sky: Two-or-three story high "streets" with "houses" or "warehouses" at both sides cut through the mountain and intersect, though they sometimes open up and lead over bridges that cross deep gorges, of which the ground may or may not be within sight. Sometimes there are large "market squares", some even with little shops hewn into the walls. In a few places, an effort to decorate the area has been made, there are cables for electricity running down the street into areas that are currently in use and also to power the lamps that light the "streets", and some "houses" are claimed.

"Houses" tend to consist of two to three stories with a little inner yard to which galleries go out, like these (just closed on top): 1234.

The air is surprisingly fresh and ventilation good despite the tons of stones above the settlement. There is running water in the kitchens and bathrooms of the houses. Most things are made of stone and some of iron, lesser still of wood, but all are crafted with much skill and very sturdy. ...The only issue that one might find is that, well. This city was made by and for people that are only 1.50m/5ft tall, so private rooms tend to be 2m/6'7", though public areas can be significantly wider and higher

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