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Save the Earth Mods ([personal profile] theearth) wrote 2014-07-11 08:43 am (UTC)

What happens if an echoed item is left behind?

Echoed items will spontaneously reappear on or near a reincarnate only if they had previously lost all of their Echoes (either by leaving Locke City or spontaneously returning to an Echoless state whilst still in the city, as is often done for hiatuses) or if the item itself leaves Locke City. The timing of the item’s reappearance can be delayed.

There is some wiggle room with this. If item Echoes are misplaced or abandoned, they may have an uncanny ability to return to their owners. Items that are not unaccounted for (such as items that are deliberately left in a hiding place or with another for safekeeping) will not. Items that were given to others as presents can go either way, depending on player choice, but will in either way return to the person who echoed them if the giftee loses their echoes. If an item Echo is eaten, damaged or destroyed, however, it will remain eaten, damaged or destroyed unless it has canon properties that protects it from such.

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