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How many/how often can I have my characters receive echoes?

Each source can only produce one echo, unless it is a Tier 2 echo, which can consist of two parts. If, for example, Bob tells Annie about an amazing battle that they had in their former lives, Annie will only be able to gain one echo from it. But fear not, the rule is flexible. If Bob tells Annie about the part of the battle where they fought the dragon on Tuesday, and she then calls him again on Sunday and he mentions here how there were lots of orcs and elves in the battle and she almost died, it can be two echoes.

Concerning how often echoes can be gained if the sources are different, as a rule of the thumb, use your better judgement. Generally, we'd prefer characters to receive their echoes a bit spaced out, but some months are busier with echoes than others, and we understand that. Or, in other words: "The occasional rush is fine, it's just not something that'd be fair to see non-stop all the time." The same applies to echo train, that is, multiple persons from the same canon receiving echoes and thus triggering echoes in others, that then trigger echoes back at them. Sudden bursts of echoes are fine, as long as they don't happen too often.

You don't have to read our minds on this; if we get the feeling that it will be going overboard soon, we'll give a heads up when processing echoes, and if too many are requested at once, we'll tell you or offer an alternative. Our echo mods don't want to eat you at least not without enough spicing and we're constantly out of pepper here.

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