Save the Earth Mods ([personal profile] theearth) wrote 2014-08-12 05:29 pm (UTC)

St. John's Episcopal Church

Name(s): St John's Episcopal Church
Type(s) of facility: Episcopal Church with a medium-sized congregation (180-200 members).
Location: About five blocks northwest of the city center.

A welcoming parish with an active community, St John's used to own a nice church building. It sustained massive damage in the 2014 earthquakes and subsequent snake attack, and due to a lack of funds had been abandoned by its congregation until the money for demolition and rebuilding would be gathered, while they met in another congregation's rooms. But then, between the 6th and the 7th of August, the damaged building was over night replaced by a new building. The congregation has since moved into the new church and added tents and containers to house makeshift offices and classrooms.

The new building is made up of two stories. To the left of the entrance of the main floor is a small meeting room that is now used as a storage room. Also directly on the left from the entrance is a set of stairs leading up to a study that has been turned into the secretary's office, though three medieval desks and an equally medieval bookshelf remain.

This may serve as a rough visual reference, though the chapel is not located on a rock and also isn't as reddish.

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