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Helgeandskyrkan Church, Swedish consulate

Name(s): Helgeandskyrkan
Type(s) of facility: Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Danish and Finnish Lutheran Church. Swedish consulate.
Location: In the better parts of town.
General: A medium sized building in one of the better parts of town, hosting a church, offices, group and other public rooms and two kitchens. Originally founded as a seaman's church by the Swedish Church as Gustav-Adolf-Kyrka, nowadays the church is a cooperation between all (Lutheran) Nordic churches and functions as the cultural and practical center of the Nordic people (visitors and immigrants who hold on to their identities alike) in Locke City.
* It offers services in Swedish and Danish every Sunday and in Norwegian, Finnish and Icelandic once a month. All other churchly services can be had in all those languages as well, though appointments might be necessary due to some pastors not permanently residing in Locke. The office is always staffed and able to help in all languages, though.
* There is a variety of clubs and groups meeting in it's rooms, most of them not really related to the religious and more to the cultural aspects of the community. Choirs, parents', children's, teen's, women's and men's groups, scouts, various cultural groups, and so on. Partly in English, partly in one or more of the involved languages.
Language classes are also offered.
The facilities also host cafes and dinners with "Finnish, Norwegian, etc tables" and cultural foods.
Events like Lucia, Midsummer, etc are celebrated in the community.
* A Swedish consulate that also offers services for citizens of other Nordic countries is also located in the building. As such election parties are also held in the building.

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