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Second Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Massive changes have been taking place starting on the 24th all the way through the 28th of August, 2014. A mountain has risen up insider the echo boundaries... And then, starting on the 26th and lasting through the end of August, the area west of the echo boundaries dropped as if there was suddenly a hole under it, first single buildings or parts of streets cracking down and then larger parts, at the same time as the lower areas both there and inside the echo boundaries started to flood. While the rise of the mountain mysteriously protected the buildings on top of it, the structures adapting to the changed ground, the areas affected by the flooding were destroyed and evacuated. There is a dwarf kingdom inside the mountain; the currently only entrance is a converted air vent, hidden from the non-numbered.

As of October 2014, the strip is being rebuilt on the top of the mountain and down the lakeside slopes of it, while new residential areas are built on the rest of it. A fountain even grater than the one that was there before is being erected on the very top of it. The air traffic that formerly went through Mc Carran Airport has been redirected to either North Las Vegas Airport or airports further away.

Not all of Las Vegas is within the echo boundaries. It is indeed a rather limited area, bordered by St Decatour Boulevard, Highway 95 and Highway 692. The flooded areas and roughly five feet of land at its shores are also within the echo boundaries, that means that the echo boundaries have yet again expanded.

Pink = Old echo boundary
Blue = Flooded areas. Some of those are quite deep and keep sinking, in others the tops of the buildings can still be seen.
Grey = Areas that rose. On top of the lower elevation to the south, the ruins of a city can be found; houses that formerly stood here are now located on the sides of the rock that it is located on. The green area north of it are The gates in the back of this picture.

For the weather, please see Las Vegas, NV; however, again, this is not a strict rule and may be bent for the purposes of plotting.

Don't forget! State law dictates you must be 21 years or older to gamble.

Additionally, reincarnates with especially flashy powers may be approached by various hotels with performances to guest star in existing shows or put on a show of their own! Reincarnates under 18 require their parent’s permission. Alternatively, they can put on street shows!

The original information for the location is located here.


Please use the establishments that are already located in the area. Players may make up general stores, restaurants, bars, apartments, small schools, small companies and so on; but please do not make up new hotels, casinos, and other establishments of similar public scale, particularly in the Strip.

You may add a comment about both made-up locations and real life locations below; just drop a small note of it in the appropriate section of the comments. It's only for the purpose of allowing players to coordinate elements together. For example, how many of the school age characters go to the same school? Does someone work at another's favourite pizza joint? If your character works/goes to school/is a member of/etc a place on the list, you can comment to the top level comment of that place. Changes to the places should also be added by way of a comment to the place comment. Example (which is an actual part of the map of Locke City). You may also include links in the general description.


Educational facilities
Public services
Food can be acquired here!


One of the many normal folk enamored by the existence of the reincarnates is Petunia Bonbright, hotel manager of Marriott’s Grand Chateau right off The Strip. After the pink light shot up from Vegas, Bonbright sent out a public message on the internet saying she’d set aside a few villas for the reincarnates to stay in if they decide to visit, free of charge. The invitation was briefly covered by national news, too.

The catch? Reincarnates need to prove they’re actually a super-powered person to either Bonbright or her secretary, Emily Thompson.

Please announce your stay complete with starting and end date here. One villa will be filled up before the other is opened, though there is wiggle room for OOC concerns.

Here are some reference links:
- Official site
- A review on a 2-bedroom villa (CTRL+F See all photos)
- Photo references for the 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom villas (CTRL+F Marriott Grand Chateau)
- Floor plans

While shelter is provided, characters still need to book their flights, manage vacation time, and anything else that comes with leaving their obligations in Locke City behind.

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