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Third Location: Füssen, Bavaria, Germany and Reutte, Tyrol, Austria


The echo boundary area is roughly 50x30 km large. It covers the area between Halblech, Roßhaupten and Kempten in Bavaria, Germany and Weißenbach am Lech in Tyrol, Austria. Due to the Schengen Treaty there are no border controls. Notable features include Neuschwanstein Castle and skiing opportunities. Notable municipalities include Kempten, Nesselwang, Füssen, Halblech, Reutte.

Right on the border, north of Vils, an Orbital Elevator has shown up as the echo boundary was created. Farms and other houses that were standing in the area are now located inside the ground level of the elevator, including some of their fields and a few forests.

An approximate map of the echo boundaries and the weather.


Locals can have Austrian, German or a foreign citizenship, since the boundary crosses a border. Note that EU citizens will have an easier time moving and living there than those from non-EU countries. There is a university in Kempten and all kinds of vocational training are open to youngsters in the echo boundaries. During wintertime, working as skiing instructors is a wide-spread job especially with younger adults. Employment is possible in all sectors, though all kinds of touristic and related ones are likely; the area is also known for its violin-makers, small companies and small-scale agriculture.

Players may make up companies, restaurants, schools and similar things; please do not make up skiing resorts, tourist attractions, towns, mountains and similar things.

You may add a comment about both made-up locations and real life locations below; just drop a small note of it in the appropriate section of the comments. It's only for the purpose of allowing players to coordinate elements together. For example, how many of the school age characters go to the same school? Does someone work at another's favourite pizza joint? If your character works/goes to school/is a member of/etc a place on the list, you can comment to the top level comment of that place. Changes to the places should also be added by way of a comment to the place comment. Example (which is an actual part of the map of Locke City). You may also include links in the general description.


Educational facilities
Public services
Food can be acquired here!


In gratitude for her rescuing by reincarnates, Petunia Bonbright will help out with the stay of visitors. She has completely booked the Hotel Lilie in Reutte and also takes care of there being cars for the reincarnates. Her daughter Rose, who currently lives in Innsbruck, will drop in every once in a while to check that really only numbered people are taking up the offer.

Please keep in mind that the echo boundary crosses country borders and your character might need visa for Austria and/or Germany due to their nationality.