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Save the Earth Mods ([personal profile] theearth) wrote2014-12-14 06:08 pm

Minor locations

These locations are locations that, while they will remain open indefinitely and can indefinitely be used as starting points for characters, exist for specific plot purposes and will see a lot less mod plot than Locke City, Las Vegas and the Neuschwanstein Area.

They are:
Lapland, Finland [24/12/14]
Christmas Island, Australia [25/12/2014]
The Galapagos Islands [1/4/1015]
London, England [25/2/2015]
The Amazonas and Santarém, Pará [15/3/2015]
Tokyo, Japan [10/4/2015]
↬ The moon is a serpent that can wrap around the world. The Vikings were kind of right. [15/4/2015]

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