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Seventh Location: London, England


The echo boundary area is within and on the M25 motorway, which applies to approximately all 33 boroughs of the Greater London area.

London is a large city and capitol of England and the UK. Notable places include Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, and the London Eye, as well as other monuments and many museums and theaters.

The teleporter exit is located in the basement of a back alley pub in central London, called “The Cod’s Wallop”

Map and The Weather.


Locals can have a British Citizenship, EU citizenship, or residency permit. London is a large city and has a wide variety of job opportunities. It also has a number of universities.

Players may make up companies, restaurants, schools and similar things; please do not make up tourist attractions, towns, mountains and things of that nature.


While there are those who are sympathetic to the numbered in London, unfortunately nobody has enough room in their house to let all of you stay over. Looks like hostels, hotels, and other “pay your own way” locations are your best bet.

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