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Eighth Location: The Amazonas and Santarém, Pará


The echo zone boundary extends to a large section of the river near Santarém.

The Amazon river is one of the largest rivers in the world. Much of the land surrounding it is rain forest. The river and the rain forest are known for diverse flora and fauna, including anaconda, caimans, and piranha.

Santarém is a minor tourist destination, mostly known for an area to witness the River Tapajós’s blue-green water meeting the Amazon’s brown. It also has an international airport. The primary spoken language is Portuguese, but you will also find those who understand Spanish as well.

The teleporter exit is located in Santarém’s busy fish market.

The Weather.


The echo zone includes Santarém, Pará in Brazil. Locals can have a Brazillian citizenship or residency permit. Job opportunities are centered around tourism of the Amazon river, agriculture, and mining.

Players may make up companies, restaurants, schools and similar things; please do not make up tourist attractions, towns, mountains and things of that nature.


Hotel Beira Rio has three rooms (with one queen sized bed each) that it’s willing to spare for the numbered free of charge. Any more than three of you, and you’ll have to share.

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