Feb. 12th, 2014

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Please fill out this form when requesting an Echo, then post it to this entry. The request will be dealt with as soon as possible.

When requesting an Echo induced by a past-life parallel/recurrence, please demonstrate clearly the similarity between the events, as well as the relation between the events and what is returned.

As of September 2013, Tier 2 Echoes can be granted once a month per character. Take care to specify the limitations and/or level of detail to the Echo requested! If you are unsure, suggestions will be gladly offered.

As of November 2014, Characters who have had their echoes for over a year can cause echoes in other people This is involuntary, cannot be controlled by either character and doesn't require a recurrence. The receiving character must have 15 echoes or less; they must be physically close to the other character; only tier 1 echoes can be caused that way; one cannot give themselves echoes. Both players must, of course, have consented to this oocly. A character can receive echoes through this mechanic no more than 10 times, and only up to 3 times from the same character. If requesting one of these echoes, please indicate the character from which the echo was received.

Reason for Echo: What caused the Echo, whether it be by a plot-related trigger, a person or a canon recurrence. For the latter, this must be unusual enough to have been the first time the character has encountered it within Locke City, and strongly resemble a specific event from canon. Picking up a jug of milk from the store will not cause an Echo if it isn't any different than the times the character has done it before.
Type and tier: Physical change, power/ability, mental/memory, or item/creature. Tier 1 are the regular Echoes, and are typically a single memory/ability/item/etc. Tier 2 are essentially two regular Echoes rolled into one, such as an item and a memory or ability associated with it, or two directly-related memories, or so on. Currently only one Tier 2 Echo is allowed per month, so please be sure to note them somehow on your info posts.
What is returned: In the case of canon recurrences, these must be directly related to what has caused the Echo. Stronger recurrences = stronger Echoes.


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