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City Development


The city does not have a predefined geography. It is instead primarily left indistinct for the purpose of allowing the players and the plot to add what they need when they need it. For a general idea of the current weather, please see Ocean City, NJ; however, again, this is not a strict rule and may be bent for the purposes of plotting.

If you add something to the city geography beyond the generic, just drop a small note of it here. It's only for the purpose of building up the city's contents and perhaps allowing players to coordinate elements together. For example, how many of the school age characters go to the same school? Does someone work at another's favourite pizza joint?

The city contains the obvious for a real world developed city in the USA. Within the surrounding area (and in range of the player characters) is an agricultural hub, taking advantage of a particularly fertile stretch of ground. Similarly a few large woods and forests are in range. Locations of note include:


The third tallest building in the USA at 1,350ft tall. The building is situated in the centre of the business district. Tuning Towers is known for its design that resembles a tuning fork, a combined base but split into two separate towers higher up. It was commissioned by the industrialist Harry Tunings, who had the design made to reference his name and not the other way round.


Not officially known as such, the Dead District is the nickname for a large area of long abandoned buildings, that due to legal issues have been left standing to dilapidate. Although the expense is minimal in purchasing the land, every few years someone does and gives up on achieving anything with it quickly. The area spans several blocks and is inhabited by a small society of the homeless population. The name stuck after the then mayor claimed the entire district had dropped dead overnight.


A military installation just about in the range of the player characters. Fort Turner is a US Army base famous during the Revolutionary War for changing hands between the British and American forces an extremely high number of times. The base houses a small military museum within its boundaries, which is separated from the main installation.


Abbreviated LCU, Locke City University is a moderately well-known and longstanding institution of higher learning with a considerable population of both full-time and part-time students. While the colleges and degree programs offered are varied, there is a particular focus on history, engineering, Asian studies, and a pretty decent medical program, complete with a teaching hospital adjacent to campus. Their school colors are red, green, and white, with a polar bear mascot named "Bliz" - a source of either embarrassment or fierce defensiveness depending on who you talk to, as well as various controversies over the years due to the claimed "Christmassy" theme in a place that's not even very North Pole-like.

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Locke City University Hospital

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Adjacent to Locke City University's campus, LCUH is the university's 24/7 teaching hospital. It is a level I trauma center, providing "the highest level of surgical care to trauma patients". As a teaching hospital, LCUH does a lot of charity care, treating uninsured patients without expecting payment.

Who might work there: general and specialty surgeons, nurses, security officers, medical students doing their intern/fellowships, EMTs.

Who does work there: Alexander Varista, paramedic.