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combo: ken amada + koromaru

Name: Squigs
Are you over 15? yes
Contact: PM@orangehoodie
Current characters in the game: Armin Arlert/Anthony Albert, Shintaro Kisaragi, Nice Holystone, Ken Amada*

Names:Koromaru + Ken Amada*

* Ken Amada, as you can see, is already in a game. Please read below.
Canon and Medium: Persona 3 (video game)
Why should they be combined?
Originally, I wanted to request Koromaru as an Echo for Ken because Koromaru, post P3, becomes Ken's dog according to the P4U2 canon and would therefore be a "past possession" of his. However, Koromaru himself is an non-playable character in Persona 3 canon because he was important enough to have character art made of him. I've seen him played pretty effectively as an independent character, too, so I think he has too strong of a personality to be an Echo.

On the other hand Koromaru doesn't have a speaking voice because he's a real and actual dog whose every dialogue in-canon is BARK BARK ARF BARK BARK WOOF GROWN WHINE, and the only way he was able to communicate with humans in-canon was through Aigis, a robot, who would lose that ability in StE anyway if she were around at all. He was a pretty smart dog but he didn't possess any human levels of wisdom or intelligence, either. He isn't a character that can be played independently in this game.

That said, Koromaru and Ken come as a set in P4U2. They're both playable characters, but you can't play one without the other and they're canonically a combo character is what I am getting at here. They fight together and live together and they come as a set, so I'd like to play Koromaru in this game as a combo addition to Ken.

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