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[Sample plot proposal]

Player: Everybody
Preferred Contact: PM to this account
Plot/Event Proposal: Friendly, likeable ex-art teacher Mr. Riddle is unfortunate enough to be the reincarnation of Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series. After amassing a fair few horrible echoes, he loses his sanity and decides that killing off non-magical people and ruling the world sounds like a rather wonderful idea.

He will want to amass followers and will approach a few people from the network that he deems useful. He will first attempt to convince them to join his cause willingly. If that fails, he will then try to force them to join him by use of the Imperius Curse, which essentially forces the target to do his bidding (only with player permission, obviously - there will be sign-ups for this).

After this, there will be a week of attacks meant to terrorise the general population of Locke. Voldemort and his brand new Death Eaters will make appearances around the city, attacking civilians, public buildings and any open events before apparating away. Again, there will be sign-ups for these if characters would like to be attacked/have their parties crashed/get their houses burned down/etc. At the end of the week, he will attack people at a televised baseball game being held in Locke - it is at this point that players will be encouraged to take him down for good.

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