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Save the Earth Mods ([personal profile] theearth) wrote 2014-12-17 10:02 pm (UTC)

Accepted + Note

It's great to see Caesar back!

Two notes, however:
- Your sixth echo does not seem to be an echo, rather a convenient remembering of his echoes just as he reads that notebook. Aka it can happen as you said, but it would not be an echo, as there is no recurrence and nothing new that is gained from it.
- The "cancer in a jar" idea is very interesting, and could be utilized in a number of ways before the game ends; we'd love to plot with you there! It would, however, be something to not do immediately after returning into the game, simply because we are aiming for a less drama-y breather period atmosphere until the middle of January. After that, however, that sounds like a fun thing to plot with!

Please request membership with your character journal to [community profile] savetheearth, [community profile] saveyourselves and optionally, [community profile] saveyourbrain. Please also create an info post and link us to it in reply to this acceptance notice. If you have an IC inbox, please link us to that as well. Please also update your contact information.

The last plot post can be found in this tag.

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