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Applications 2.0

Applications are CLOSED!



Please post the application to the character journal and post a link to this page, with a comment subject line following the form of Pre-Incarnation Name | Canon | Reserved/Unreserved. Before submitting, please check that a reserve hasn't been listed or requested for the same character here!

In addition, please check for spelling and grammar prior to submitting the application. Applications that are error-ridden to the point of severely affecting clarity may merit revisions or rejection.

As well as the below, details on what we'll be looking for in your application as well as sample apps can be found here!

Name: Whatever handle you go by.
Are you over 15? If not, sorry but stop here.
Contact: Should we feel the need to contact you privately, what is your preferred method?
Current characters in the game: Include pre-incarnation's name and canon, or none if applicable - please do NOT delete this section entirely!

Name: If the names of the pre-incarnation and reincarnation are different, please specify. Remember that your character will have a human name.
Canon and Medium: Please note that only well-established (significant source material published, with viable translations available in English) canons are acceptable here; we do not accept self-published canons due to potential conflicts of interest.
Age: If the pre-incarnated age and the new life's age differs, please specify.
Pre-Incarnation Species: Their original species, if known.
Pre-Incarnation Appearance: A concise description or link to an image will do.
Any Differences: Remember that only a normal human appearance will be acceptable, except in cases when the character will begin as a terrestrial animal.
Starting Location: What Echo boundary is your character starting in? Current locations: 1) Locke City, NJ, USA. 2) Las Vegas, NV, USA. 3) Neuschwanstein-area, BAY, Germany and TYR, Austria.
Pre-Incarnated History: What happened to your character in their canon? You don't need to explain the entire series to us, just the relevant parts in regards to the character's development, and some context to make sure it makes sense. Headcanon should be marked or distinguishable, such as by writing in italics or bold.

If you prefer, you may write a bare-bones history and post a link to a wiki or resource that covers more details. However, we must request to see some understanding of the character's role in canon in your own words!

If your character is an original character, please outline the world they live in as well.

Reincarnated History: What happened to your character that got them to this point in their normal, human life? While a lot of information isn't necessary here, please give us a clear picture of who they are now, how they became that way, and where they'll be headed in the context of the game.

If re-apping a character you previously played, please include their experiences in-game and what they've been doing in the meantime as well - such as including their reactions to any big setting-wide events that may have happened in their OOC absence.

First Echo: What caused their first Echo, and what did it give them? Players may choose events from the timeline or a canon recurrence. Keep these Echoes simple, but meaningful, and keep in mind that returned effects/objects caused by canon recurrences must be directly related to the event giving them back.

If you're unsure if the first Echo you have in mind for your character is workable, please, feel free to consult a mod, either directly or on the F.A.Q.!

If re-apping, please include all of their previously-obtained Echoes.

Pre-Incarnation Personality: What sort of person were they in their past life? As with their history, headcanon should be clearly labeled or marked in italics or bold. This section is important, as it helps us gauge your grasp on the character, so spare no expense here.

Any differences?: You are encouraged to deviate from the original personality in three or four major ways, made to make their personality logical to the setting and their new history (which, by default, varies from their original life). If the personality does not differentiate significantly, or if the differences do not make sense given the rest of your app, revisions may be asked for.

Abilities: What abilities did your character's pre-incarnation have? To what extent were they used, and what limitations did they have? Include any equipment they had access to and any skills they had. Headcanon should be indicated or marked, as before! You may write a brief synopsis and link to a more detailed resource if you wish. Favor conciseness here, and try to limit (or else otherwise elaborate upon) canon terminology to avoid confusion.

What kind of involvement would you like your character to have in Save the Earth? This part is here to show us how you would like to fit your character into the game and in what way you're hoping to get them involved. This will help us consider how we might be able to help you out if needed ahead of time - it won't affect the processing of your app! If you have no specific plans, please go ahead and say so.


- Third Person:
Some form of extended, third-person prose exhibiting strong voice and key behaviors of your character. If the voice is weak or the characterization appears to be off, revisions may be asked for.

- Network: Same as above, but in network-style format, using text, video, audio, etc. This MUST be on the network.
*Note: One of the samples (of your choice) must be done from the perspective of the reincarnated character, set within the game. Samples from the test drive community may be used for this purpose.

ANYTHING ELSE? If you need to clear up any lingering questions or concerns, here's the place to do it.


We allow applications for multiple characters that are deeply linked and will only count as one towards the player's character limit and activity, although to prevent disappointment, any combo apps must be requested beforehand. This is for characters that are deeply intertwined to the point that if they are ever apart, it's a moment worth noting, including characters that are physically incapable of being apart and ones that are so often together that being apart would affect their personality drastically. There is no upper limit to the number of characters that can be in a combo app, aside from as common sense dictates. Combo apps are opt in, so characters suitable for a combo app could also be played individually. Combo apps can be retroactively applied in these cases at request.

A sample request can be found here

To request a combo app, please fill out this form.

Name: Whatever handle you go by.
Are you over 15? If not, sorry but stop here.
Contact: Should we feel the need to contact you privately, what is your preferred method?
Current characters in the game: Include preincarnation's name and canon, or none if applicable - please do NOT delete this section entirely!

Canon and Medium:
Why should they be combined? What makes them suitable for a combo app? Be as detailed as you feel is necessary.

Once approved, you may fill out a single application with all the approved characters.


Guest Star NPCs are player characters that are apped for a limited amount of time and for the purpose of a specific plot. They do not have to be "villains" in the strict meaning of the word: They simply must cause major trouble for the other numbered and not easily cease to do so. Elsa from Frozen or Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians are as applicable as Voldemort from Harry Potter or Sauron from Lord of the Rings. Guest Star NPCs are brought into game after they already gained a number of echoes, that means that they've been numbered for a while already but just not spoken up on the network for one reason or the other. The resolution of their plots can be their death, but it doesn't have to be: They can simply leave the echo boundaries or lose their echoes, too.

Examples of a plot proposal and a Guest Star NPC application can be found here.

- No playercesting or Echo trigger abuse. If you'd like to host a plot that your own (PC) characters would feasibly react to, then of course they should do so! However, as an example, running a plot in which in an NPC offers to train characters in a special skill and having your characters in the front row to reap the benefits would not be allowed.
- Guest Star NPC applications are reduced but require a plot application to be approved before the character application is submitted.
- Once your plot idea is discussed and fully-cleared with us, please submit it to be added or noted on the most recent Calendar post!

OOC INFORMATION - Plot Proposal!

Preferred Contact:
Plot/Event Proposal: [Please give us a summary/write-up for the plot in mind, including how/why it begins and what course you plan for it to take. Name any guest star NPCs you would play for its purposes! We may give your basic plot proposal our sign-off with or without asking you a few more questions first, after which please submit an application for aforementioned NPC(s) by using the form in the box below.


Name: [Reincarnated and pre-incarnated name, if different.]
Canon and Medium: [If applicable.]
Age: [Reincarnation's and pre-incarnation's, if different.]
Pre-Incarnation Species: [As per usual!]
Pre-Incarnation Appearance: [Also as usual, a quick basic description and/or image link will do.]
Any Differences?: [Self-explanatory!]
Starting Location: [This must be one of the current Echo zones - Locke City or Las Vegas.]
Pre-Incarnated History: [If a sufficient one is available, you may simply link to a resource here!]

Reincarnated History: [Bare bones or bullet points will do just fine here - cliffnotes of what's happened leading up to whatever you'll be having them up to, in other words.]

Echoes Received: [List not only their first Echo but any Echoes they might have at their disposal to this point to serve your plot. You do not need to list their triggers, unless they might be relevant!]

Pre-Incarnation Personality: [A reasonable amount of detail is preferable - but you needn't be painstaking. A basic demonstration of the grasp of who the character was will do!]

Any differences?: [As above, you needn't go into extensive detail here! List and explain differences between the character's original and reincarnated self that might be especially notable by the time they'll appear.]


[One sample - network or action - will do just fine!]

Please submit this after we give the proposal a clear!


If you're interested in re-applying for a character you've previously dropped, you may take either of two equally-viable approaches:
- 1. Coming up for a fresh reincarnation from them. If you're doing so, you may apply for them normally as if they were an entirely new character through and through - for the purposes of StE, they are one!
- 2. Applying for them as you originally played them. If you do so, as noted in the app form, we will request a few things in addition to the content of their old app!
Reincarnated History: Please explain what they've been up to since their original acceptance, including what they might have been doing ICly and how they might have reacted to any setting-affecting events since they were dropped.
First Echo: We will need to see a list of all Echoes that they acquired during their time in the game - if you still have their original info post handy, a link to it will do!

As amendment to their original application will do for preparing a character for re-application, we do not demand that their application form conforms to the current version. To be sure that we are looking for the right version, however, please submit your re-app to this post with a subject line following the form of "Pre-Incarnation Name | Canon | Reserved/Unreserved | Re-App from [date of original acceptance]"!

Also note: characters who dropped or idled while under an AC strike can not be be reentered until their first strike has expired (four months past the activity check they failed). For example, a character who took a strike in the September AC must wait until February to be reapplied.

Note: Applications are dealt with as they are received, by a majority vote process among the mods. While we try to get to each app in a timely process, ultimately speed may depend on busyness and the need to discuss some apps before a decision is made. Regardless, if your app has not been seen to within a week of its submission, or if it's been three days since you answered a request for revisions, please feel free to drop us another line here or by some means of mod contact (unscreened or screened)!

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