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The game's location is ordinary and familiar, planet Earth in the year 2014. The world's human history will be completely identical to the real world with the exception of game events and the existence of the city which acts as the early focal point of gameplay. As time progresses, the setting will expand to a completely global setting and characters will be allowed (and plot will encourage) them to go elsewhere. Nothing supernatural exists, although certainly lots of the unusual. It's a place which contains all the things that make up a world. Nature, mankind, peace, war, love, hate. But it has nothing special. It's just the same as the real 21st century Earth.

With just two differences. The first is that the planet itself is alive and sentient, a cosmic entity that guides the development of life on Earth very loosely by deciding which soul to place in which body. The second is that a mysterious entity that appears to be from another reality attempted to encroach on the planet in its ancient past. The sentient life force of the planet realised it was in danger and had no adequate form of defence. In response it used the breach the entity created to gather the 'souls' of dead beings from destroyed universes and implanted them into new born lifeforms. Now when dangerous breaches occur, these people are slowly reformatted to match their old lives in an attempt to act as the world's guardians, whenever they get involved in the unfolding conflict. However, their souls were not chosen for reincarnation by any method further than being from dimensions beyond; the people they might find themselves becoming may not be the most obvious choices for the Earth's protectors.

The characters won't know this for a long time. They will probably be more focused on keeping themselves alive, as the game will have a lot of dangerous events that will largely revolve around the previously mentioned entity attempting to take a foothold in this reality through a series of schemes. There will be no self resolving events. Players will have to be proactive in dealing with what is occurring.

The story begins in Locke City, NJ, USA. It's a particularly massive city on the coast of New Jersey, USA, and contains everything you'd expect a city to contain: slums, business and industrial districts, suburbs, hotels, schools. The city has a very strong multicultural make-up, and features an equivalent to a 'Little Italy' or 'China Town' for every culture you can think of. The exact contents of the city and its surroundings are left to the players and the requirements of the plot. In other words, world building is a community effort. For further information about Locke and to add to the city's geography and to see the contributions of others, go to the Locke City Location page.

A second location is Las Vegas, NV, USA. This location is smaller, with the echo boundaries only including a part of the urban area. The real world make-up of the city is subject to changes that are brought on by plot and player actions; most significantly there is currently a mountain rising up from under the city while parts of it have been flooded. More information about it and a place for player contributions can be found on the Las Vegas Location's page.

A third location that will open up shortly is an area at the southern slopes of the alps including F├╝ssen, Bavaria, Germany and Reutte, Tyrol, Austria as well as the fairytale castle Neuschwanstein. The real world make-up of the city is subject to changes that are brought on by plot and player actions. Most significantly, there is an Orbital Tower on the border. More information about it and a place for player contributions can be found on the Neuschwanstein Area Location's page.

A fourth location is the whole state of Lapland, Finland. The real world make-up of the state is subject to changes that are brought on by plot and player actions. More information about it and a place for player contributions can be found on the Lapland Location's page.

A fifth location is the Christmas Island, which belongs to Australia and is located a good distance off the coast of Java, Indonesia. The real world make-up of the island is subject to changes that are brought on by plot and player actions. More information about it and a place for player contributions can be found on the the Christmas Island Location's page.

Whilst it has already been decided the game will undergo 'seasons' and 'arcs' where when one ends the setting changes, much of what will occur with the plot will be a response to the player's actions. The only NPCs will be normal humans, monsters and the enemy (and their minions) with no untouchable NPCs that are in control of the setting.

Something like a memory loss game and something like an AU game, the idea is that you do not play your character but their reincarnation from their canon in this game's setting. They will have lived their whole life there as an ordinary human being, with the player creating an AU history and personality. Players will be allowed a few major deviations (and lots of minor deviations) from the canon character's personality to make them logically fit into their AU life, but as they spend time in game they will have parts of their previous life returned to them as memories, personality traits, powers, appearance changes and be given items etc. that link them to their past selves. This process is called an Echo. For more detail on Echoes, see this page. Upon receiving their first echo, characters will also receive a number that grants them access to the network.

Season specific information

The game is currently in the second season. This means that the existence of the numbered and the existence of the supernatural is public knowledge. Current and in-detail information can be found in the plot posts and media posts.

The atmosphere in the three echo boundaries is developing very differently and almost independently of each other, as does the atmosphere in the various affected and unaffected countries:
Locke: Hostile. This is to large parts due to Albero's influence, but there are also other factors. Numbered actions in the city are more likely to influence the national and international opinion of the numbered than the local one. Right now, everything is unsure and up in the air.
Vegas: Ever-changing and highly dependent on local developments. All kinds of opinions exist at all times, and it depends on the current mood which ones manifest themselves; the situation in Las Vegas is characterized by massive mood swings and extremes. Player actions may thus have a significant impact on the public opinion.
Neuschwanstein: Cautiously positive. The situation in Locke is regarded as highly condemnable, and for the most part people do not consider the numbered particularly dangerous or as having brought them trouble. Numbered actions will have an impact on the public opinion, but there is a general disinclination to jump to conclusions.
Outside of the boundaries: It is of note that while in the US the public opinion is leaning towards the negative, it leans the further to the positive the further east you go from there, and the further to the neutral the further south you go.

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