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How to travel


Reincarnates can travel between echo boundaries as every other person. They will however lose their echoes to a degree: Memories will become fuzzy, sometimes seeming as if they were just a dream, physical alterations will be heavily diminished and echoed abilities and powers will be much weaker. This effect grows stronger the further they are away from the next echo boundary, and recedes once they get closer to one again. Upon entering another or re-entering the same boundary, everything will be as it was.

By Teleporter

Since the night of the 10th/11th of August 2014, the reincarnate-run Espresso Yourself in Locke now houses a teleportation device. The teleporter main terminal is located in the basement of the former Willow Ridge Boarding Academy. The machine is comprised of a metal booth roughly the size of a shower stall and a touchpad interface which displays a monochrome map of the world. All echo boundaries that are currently active are shown in colour. If a reincarnate touches Locke on the map, nothing will happen. If they touch one of the other areas, the area will light up and a glowing sigil will appear on the floor of the metal booth. The sigils are only outlines and no details can be seen. They look like this:

(drawing by [ profile] joysweeper)
*Las Vegas shows the sigil of a lobster-crab-like being.
*The Neuschwanstein Area shows the sigil of a two-headed-swan-like being.
*Lapland shows the sigil of a humanoid figure with horns and horse hooves.
*The Christmas Islands show the sigil of a mushroom.
*London shows a sigil that resembles a cloud or a hairball.
*The Santarem Area shows a dragonfly.
*Tokyo shows up as a kappa.
*The Galapagos Islands show up as a very strange fish that looks like a mix of a shark and a whale.

If a reincarnate steps onto the symbol, they will disappear in a flash of pink light and find themselves touching a glowing sigil of the same shape in the other location. The sigils can only be seen by reincarnates; touching them will transport the person to Locke. After using the teleporter, the individual will have to wait four hours before they can use it again.
- In Vegas, the sigil is located at the bottom of a pool, though if a bright mind checks the ceiling of the room below the pool, they'll find it there as well.
- In the Neuschwanstein area, the sigil is located halfway up the Pöllatschlucht Gorge below Neuschwanstein Castle.
- In Lapland, the sigil is located in the back of Santa Claus's Post Office.
- On the Christmas Islands, the sigil is located on a tree near FLying Fish Cove.
- On the Galapagos Islands, the sigil is located inside a unisex rest room on a hiking trail at Tortuga Bay. It's a 15-20 minute walk from the teleporter to Puerto Ayora, on Isla Santa Cruz.
- In London, the sigil is located in the basement of a back alley pub in central London, called “The Cod’s Wallop”
- In Santarem, the sigil is located at the busy fish market.
- In Tokyo, the teleporter exit is located in a small Go Parlor in central Tokyo, run by an older gentleman who does not speak English.

Only numbered and inanimate things can be transported with the teleporter. There are, at the moment, two exceptions: Echoed living beings and wolpertinger that travel with a numbered person.

By Ghost Zone

Since the 16th of September 2014, portals to the ghost zone have started to show up everywhere within all echo boundaries, though not outside of them. They can show up to remain for days, weeks or months. They can have any shape or form and appear in any location, and they all lead to the Ghost zone - basically a parallel dimension that's just green as far as the eye can see, filled with floating doors that can be exits but also can lead to ghosts' "lairs" and sometimes rocks that may or may not have stuff on them. While there are no ghosts in the zone when it shows up, reincarnates are not the only ones who will be able to enter it... and everyone who is not a reincarnate that does will be turned into a ghost, and all except for humans will remain one even after leaving it. This includes the beings from Oublie and other echoed locations as well as Vermini, Vermedi and Vermaxi, but also random animals...

Distance there works differently. If you enter the Ghost Zone in Locke, go five feet, and exit back into the human world, you may well end up in another echo boundary, but definitely not five feet away. If you figure out how to navigate it, it could be handy. Or you could just end up stuck in the middle of a lake, or two hundred feet above ground in thin air.