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Fourth Location: Lapland, Finland


This echo boundary is by far the largest: It covers all of Finnish Lapland plus a tiny part of Russia (the entire 20 km radius around Korvatunturi mountain). Large parts of this area are north of the polar cycle, so there are days of the year when the sun never rises/never sinks. Winters are cold and have ample amounts of snow, summers are warm and have ample amounts of mosquitoes. Most people speak Finnish and a good amount of English, some speak Sami languages and a select few Swedish. The population density is low (for Europe, anyway).

The teleporter exit in Lapland is located in a backroom of Santa's Post Office in Santa Claus Village near the state's largest city Rovaniemi.

The weather.


Residents of Lapland will likely be ethnic white Finns, Sami (Nordic natives) or immigrants. Being a state with fairly little in terms of educational facilities and complicated industries, characters that are not children or teenagers are likely to either work in the services industry/retail or have to do with logging, mining or reindeer.

Players may make up companies, restaurants, hotels, farms, schools and similar things; please do not make up major tourist attractions.

You may add a comment about both made-up locations and real life locations below; just drop a small note of it in the appropriate section of the comments. It's only for the purpose of allowing players to coordinate elements together. For example, how many of the school age characters go to the same school? Does someone work at another's favourite pizza joint? If your character works/goes to school/is a member of/etc a place on the list, you can comment to the top level comment of that place. Changes to the places should also be added by way of a comment to the place comment. Example (which is an actual part of the map of Locke City). You may also include links in the general description.


Educational facilities
Public services
Food can be acquired here!


David Graibiger's aunt, after a rather spectacular escape through half of Europe ended up in northern Finland in the 1940ies and married a silviculturist there. Her family stayed, and one of his cousins and her husband (Raakel and Paavo Virtanen with their younger children Arvo and Armo (m, 18) and Minttu (f, 6)) still live on their parents farm roughly an hour to the northeast from Rovaniemi. The farm is large enough to house up to twelve numbered at once if people sleep on the floor, has a sauna and three snowmobiles that can be borrowed, and two of the children can drive and will volunteer to pick people up from Santa Village or the airport.

The eldest daughter, Sara, owns a small apartment in the city that can host up to three numbered for a limited number of days, put people will absolutely have to sleep on the floor/couch.