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Fifth location: Christmas Island, Australia


The echo boundary area is the size of the island itself. Notable features include a large National Park which makes up 63% of the island, which is on the tropical side. Most people speak English, but both Mandarin and Cantonese are spoken in some communities. Christmas Island is also known for it's red crab migration. The main migration of crabs is predicted to start between December 17th to 19th, and should last for about two weeks. Around late January or early February you might find bitty baby crabs on the beach.

The teleporter exit is located a half kilometer outside the "Island Crab Campground" on a large tree. Watch out for the crabs if they're in season.

Remember! The Christmas Islands are located in the southern hemisphere, which means that the seasons are inverted - Summer in December and Winter in July.

Basic Island Map and The Weather.


Locals can have Australian citizenship, or residency permits. The population is primarily Chinese-Australian. Flying-Fish Cove or "The Settlement" hosts one-third of the Island's residents. The job opportunities here center around tourism, particularly the national park, but also including diving instructors, and dock workers for the Yachts that tourists often rent.

Players may make up companies, restaurants, schools and similar things; please do not make up tourist attractions, towns, mountains and things of that nature.

You may add a comment about both made-up locations and real life locations below; just drop a small note of it in the appropriate section of the comments. It's only for the purpose of allowing players to coordinate elements together. For example, how many of the school age characters go to the same school? Does someone work at another's favourite pizza joint? If your character works/goes to school/is a member of/etc a place on the list, you can comment to the top level comment of that place. Changes to the places should also be added by way of a comment to the place comment. Example (which is an actual part of the map of Locke City). You may also include links in the general description.


Educational facilities
Public services
Food can be acquired here!


Near to Flying-fish Cove there is the "Island Crab Campground" affectionately called "The Crabby Camp" by locals due it's proximity to a red crab migration path. There are various tents for roughing it, and a few simple cabins. The crabs themselves largely ignore the place, but a stray one might wander in. Kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared in a central location. The owner, Kevin Zhāng, is sympathetic to the numbered and will allow them to stay at the older and less popular area of the campground, which has five tents and three cabins.