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This is an out of character depository of information regarding creatures and entities that make an appearance. Each individual profile may be updated as time passes.

To explain

Name: A creature's species or model, or in an individual their codename.
Type: The creature's purpose.
Combat Level: How dangerous the creature is in direct combat without any other factors considered.
Threat Level: How dangerous the creature is to the Earth at large, considering their ability to make plans and command others.
Rank: The creature's rank in the enemy army.
Appearance: The creature's visual element.
Details: The creature's abilities and behaviour.

Initial Invaders

Name: Vermini, singular and plural the same.
Area: Locke City, Las Vegas
Type: Useful animal.
Combat Level: Weak insect level.
Threat Level: Below Human.
Rank: None; untameable animal.
Appearance: Vermini are tiny. About the same size as a Dandelion seed head, they bare a resemblance to the flower as well. A fluffy ball of black hair, underneath it all Vermini are scaled down humanoids about the size of flies. They're black from top to toe aside from having wide, white eyes with no iris.
Details: Vermini are by themselves pretty pathetic examples of life. They can be squashed just as easily as a bug their size, although they can be tricky to catch because by raising their hair they can roll about at speeds similar to cockroaches and crawl around on walls by walking on the hair tips.

They have two abilities that make them useful. Firstly, they capable of detecting minute distortions in reality such as those caused by reincarnated entities and are naturally attracted to them. The second is the power to infest living beings and alter the bodies of their hosts. An individual Vermini can only alter a creature of only 2lbs, meaning that unless they swarm they only alter beings as small as rats. When a Vermini leave their host, even in death, it reverts to normal. When Vermini themselves die, they turn into puffs of scalding hot steam. They cannot speak, but do chirp.

Name: Vermedi
Area: Locke City
Type: Useful Animal
Combat Level: Armed Military Personnel Level
Threat Level: Dangerous Human Level
Rank: None; untameable animal.
Appearance: Similar to the Vermini, a Vermedi is a humanoid creature covered in thick, black hair. Unlike the Vermini, the Vermedi is four foot tall being and the hair hangs in a thick carpet instead of being fluffy. Because of this, it bares no small resemblance to Cousin Itt. Under the hair, they resemble doll like human shapes with huge white eyes and no visible orifices or genitals. Their have no toes, but have exceptionally long needle like fingers.
Vermedi are the adolescent form of Vermini. Even under ideal conditions, only one in a hundred Vermini lives long enough to achieve the transformation to this form.

Their intelligence and strength has increased several-fold, giving them the reasoning and information retention of a five year old but with a distinctly vicious cunning. Like Vermini they can detect concentrations of altered reality and consider the sources to be a food supply despite their inability to eat. They are naturally cautious and patient, willing to spend a long time working out the best hunting method for a particular sort of prey. Like Vermini, they are uncooperative with attempts to tame them and work best when left to their own devices.

They differ from Vermini in that instead of infesting animals, they use their need fingers to inject a substance that causes transformations in the subject, be it animal, vegetable, mineral or machine. These transformations can be reversed by sufficiently damaging the target, at which point any memories of the events are erased. Vermedi are also capable of exerting limited control over Vermini.

Although still reliant on their transformed assistants, Vermedi are not as helpless as their infant forms. Despite having no weapons or training they are as dangerous as a fully armed and trained military operative. They are extremely agile and capable of using their hairs as tentacles or spikes to assist in moving over any terrain. They possess the strength to push a finger through a human body with relative ease.

They cannot talk, but their chirping is much more expressive than their infant forms.

Secondary Invaders

Name: Wolpertinger
Area: Neuschwanstein Area
Type: ???
Combat Level: They are as dangerous as their size and what animals are included suggest.
Threat Level: Below human.
Rank: Neutral.
Appearance: Wolpertinger vary greatly in size and shape. They are mixes of three or more earth animals that live in the alps region, one of which is always a swan. This means that between a bear and a mouse, a deer and a robin, everything can be a part of the wolpertinger. Their mix might be more or less functional and more or less dangerous.
Details: Wolpertinger are creatures from local folk tales. They are typically not aggressive, but drawn towards numbered. Overwhelmingly, they are solitary creatures, but sometimes little groups of wolpertingers that mainly consist of animals that live in groups will roam the area together.

They have no special abilities; if they are forced out of the echo boundaries (which they will do everything to avoid), their different parts fall apart and they die. This is exactly as gross as it sounds.