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Save the Earth Mods ([personal profile] theearth) wrote2013-04-04 01:18 pm


Due to the nature of the game, confusion about characters current status can easily arise. To alleviate this, all players are required to create and maintain an info page that outlines their reincarnated self and what Echoes they have (or if relevant, have not) received.

An info page must contain;
•The character's current name & previous name
•The character's age
•A link to the original application
•A complete list of their Echoes

It is suggested, but optional, to also contain;
•The character's occupation
•The character's appearance (especially if it differs from icons/canon appearance or it has changed from the original application)
•Any character notes of relevance

So long as the information is presented in a clear manner, players may arrange their info posts however they wish. However for convenience a basic form is available below.