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app sample: revisions

OOC Information:
Name: Handle
Are you over 15? Yes
Contact: PM @ theearth
Current characters in the game: N/A

IC Information:
Name: Nico Minoru
Canon and Medium: Runaways
Age: 17
Preincarnation Species: Human
Preincarnation Appearance: Here.
Any Differences: None!
Starting Location: Locke City, NJ
Preincarnated History: wiki

Reincarnated History: Nico grew up normally in San Francisco, and moved to Locke City with her parents (well-off philanthropists) at the end of the last school year. Nico is an only child whose parents are too busy to pay her enough attention. She's given a lot of leeway to do what she wants so long as she stays out of trouble with the law, and spends most of her time at rock shows and house parties. She does pretty well in school (not fantastically, but pretty well) and otherwise mostly hangs out with her friends.

First Echo: Her parents hosted a private charity gala at their new house in Locke. While there, an adult commented on Nico's all black outfit being kind of over-the-top, giving her her first Echo and a series of numbers in her head.

Preincarnation Personality: Nico Minoru didn't start out much like a leader. To be frank, she probably started out as the opposite. Nico was very much a regular teenage goth girl. And then her parents were revealed as dark wizards, her body absorbed the Staff of One, and she and her friends went on the run.

Over the course of Runaways, Nico comes into her own as a leader and as a person. Despite often second-guessing herself and making awful on-the-fly decisions in her personal life as a result of desperate need for physical comfort in emotionally difficult situations, Nico has a spine of steel and is perfectly willing to take on whoever necessary to protect her own. From dealing with the Kingpin, to dealing with Hank Pym and Tigra, to helping Cloak clear his name, Nico has displayed again and again a willingness to do whatever it takes.

Often over-aggressive or acidic, Nico comes across defensive, and understandably so. On occasions, she has been downright cruel. Nico has, by turns, threatened to kill both Victor, a new addition to the team, and Chase, a longtime friend, when it looked like they were going to betray the group. But Nico is not and has never been heartless: she is heavily burdened by Gert's death and Xavin's departure for Majesdane in Karolina's place. She mothers both Klara and Molly as necessary, and is a great friend to Chase and Karolina. She's learned to let go, with Victor. Nico isn't a bad person, even if sometimes she thinks she is. She's willing to get her hands dirty, but she doesn't relish in it.

Nico is, by all accounts, a teenage girl who has grown up too fast, learning to put up her defenses and learning not to trust. Her paranoia isn't natural, but gained, and she holds onto it very tightly, as it's helped her a lot. Nico distrusts authority figures and adults who want to 'do what's best' for her. She can be brash and will go for the quickest, noisiest solution, because the concept of 'wait and see' has never helped her. Nico is a woman of action (even if it's not the wisest action).

Any Differences: Nico's reincarnation is a lot less defensive and aggressive with people she thinks are threatening her friends, because her protective streak hasn't had time to develop. Unlike her preincarnation, this Nico is not a leader, and while she's counter-culture and rebellious at times, when pressured she folds: to her parents, to school officials, to peer pressure. Nico still makes bad decisions about boys, but it doesn't have as many dire consequences now, so she keeps making them. Nico is more spoiled, and doesn't spend as much time disagreeing with her parents on politics.

Abilities: Nico uses a magic staff called the Staff of One. It is released from her body when she sheds blood, and she only needs to speak with intent in order to cast a spell. It comes with a catch: any one spell can only be performed once. If Nico's imprecise or tries to repeat herself, the spell fails, or works differently than intended. See here.

Roleplay Sample - Third Person: Here!

Roleplay Sample - Network: And here.

An application similar in scope and depth as this application's: history, reincarnation history, personality, reincarnation personality, first Echo, samples or abilities would receive revisions on those sections. Compare the content in those sections to the app standards page, and you can see where this application falls short. An application lacking in all or most sections, like this application, is likely to be rejected.