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When a character receives their first Echo they become unable to forget a long string of numbers. This number is used to connect to an otherworldly communication network, which does not exist on the internet or in any physical form. Ordinary humans cannot perceive the the network at all. They will only be able to sense the original string of numbers.


Almost anything can be used to establish a connection, so long as the number can be applied to it. Examples are paper, phones, word processors, reflective surfaces, internet browsers, toys, and even (disturbances made in containers of) water. Be imaginative. Content on the Network cannot be changed by anything or anyone other than the reincarnates. A computer program, even if written by a reincarnate, cannot alter content on the Network.

Content is only accessible/visible when a Network connection is open. Once the connection is closed, Network content will no longer be there. For instance, if a reincarnate is using a word processor to access the Network, once they close their connection, everything that was on the Network will no longer be visible in their word processor. Likewise, a notebook filled with Network communication will once again be blank once the connection is cut. In other words, Network content does not linger.

Additionally, Network content cannot be moved off of the Network. It can be transcribed manually – for example, if a reincarnate were to type out the content of a post into a regular word document, then that transcription would remain – but it cannot be directly copied and pasted elsewhere. This goes for videos, screen captures, and similar as well; any direct recording of Network content would either prove impossible to take in the first place or show as blank after the fact.

It is possible to link to items that are off-network in network posts/comments, but it is not possible to do the reverse.


Identification on the Network varies by medium and individual. For example, if a reincarnate is connecting by writing or typing their Number onto a surface and anything on that surface would be transmitted, then their Number will also be transmitted. If the method of connection doesn’t have their Number visible (ex. audio, possibly video), then their Number will not show. For example, making a phone call or striking a surface.

The above is a general rule of thumb. It is flexible. If you want your character’s Number/name to show up, then it will. If you don’t want your character’s Number/name to show up, then it won’t.
Using one's own number connects to the general network which is available for all to see. Using someone else's number sends the message directly to that person, but they still need to connect to the network themselves and therefore an ordinary phone would be better for emergencies. This also means accidental posts are nearly impossible.


Private messages between reincarnates can be done by using their respective Numbers. PMs can only be sent individually and are absolutely private. They cannot be hacked nor configured to have a security level.

Due to the way "private" lines are established, posts can not be filtered to or away from a certain group; as soon as the original character puts in their own number and then that of another, it opens a line directly to that other character. If one wants to send a particular message to a number of people, it must be done one by one, and recipients will neither know that more have been sent nor be able to see the others. Private messages will never be visible to anyone except the two the connection is between. Thus reincarnates cannot "filter" content against select reincarnates, they can only "filter" content to select reincarnates (via individual private messages).


The action of accessing the Network cannot be perceived by non-reincarnates, either in person or by other means (ex. audio/visual recording). People currently engaged in accessing the Network would be seen by others as doing nothing more than the mundane version of their method of Network access (such as thoughtfully regarding a blank text message, flipping through their notebook, or idly surfing the internet).


When posting, both the initial poster and repliers' tags are to be formatted as CANON: Character's Canon Name. Additionally, the tags for +location, for type of post (#action or #network), and if applicable the !open tag should be applied.

Please also specify how the post was made in the subject line, such as if it was from a phone, computer, written in blood on the floor, etc.